Interactive Building Directories

The MzeroDirectMe software application is a scalable, easy-to-use interactive building directory solution.

MzeroDirectMe enhances customer experience through self-service wayfinding. The user-friendly building directory is perfect for corporate offices, hospitals, government buildings, etc. and can be tailored to meet company specifications. The intuitive solution makes it easier than ever for visitors to reach their destination.

The Anatomy of DirectMe


MzeroDirectMe is built on Mzero Platform, Meridian’s industry-leading software solution, which provides system performance management, system security and a wide range of component support. The MzeroDirectMe content manager is intuitive, allowing the directory manager to easily create content and make updates.




Mobile Integration

MzeroDirectMe integrates seamlessly with Meridian’s proprietary interactive mobile application. The mobile app enables users to engage with the digital directory content on their mobile devices and take the information with them.

Print on Demand

For years organizations have relied on expensive brochures and rack cards to communicate with visitors. With MzeroDirectMe’s Print on Demand feature, visitors can search for the person or business they’re looking for, display the information digitally and with one touch, compile and print the information.

VoIP Calling

VOIP capabilities allow users to contact the business or person they are visiting, inform them that they have arrived and clarify any details regarding the meeting. MzeroDirectMe VOIP SIP service provides easy connection from the kiosk to outside phone systems.


Enclosure Options



With thru-glass technology, users can connect with directory content 24/7 right through a window. Using a high bright interactive display, MzeroDirectMe provides visitors with helpful information and guides them to their destination all from inside the building.